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We Offer Practical Guidance In Child Support Matters

In Washington and elsewhere, child support payments are designed to ensure the financial well-being of children following parental divorce or the end of the relationship (if parents were never married). This is both a reasonable and important goal. Yet, too often, child support can be a source of contention and even resentment. It may highlight the perceived unfairness of a child custody decision or reignite old arguments about money and budgeting.

These are challenges that we understand at Schroader Law. For 10 years, our legal team has helped clients throughout the Tacoma area find practical resolutions to difficult family law disputes. If you are struggling with a child support matter, we are ready to help you, too.

Considerations When Calculating Child Support

Courts in Washington state follow specific guidelines to calculate child support amounts, examining various aspects of the parents’ financial situation and the needs of the child or children. Here are some of the key factors considered:

  • Each parent’s net income from all sources
  • The number of children requiring support and their ages
  • The living arrangements (as determined by each parent’s allotment of child custody)
  • Health insurance premiums and health care costs for the children and which parent pays those expenses
  • Educational expenses and any special needs of the children
  • Any existing child support or alimony obligations that a parent may have from prior relationships

Although amounts are calculated using a formula, the court has the final say and may adjust the support award as necessary to meet the best interests of the child.

How Our Experienced Legal Team Can Help You With Child Support Matters

Judges can only create fair and accurate support orders if they have access to accurate information and appropriate context. As your representative, we will ensure that the financial information for both you and your co-parent is accurate, and we will ask the court to consider any relevant factors that may not be reflected in the financial data.

As your children grow and circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify an existing child support order. Our legal team can help you petition the court for a modification or seek to prevent a modification requested by your co-parent, depending on your position.

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