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The Legal Advocacy You Need During A High-Conflict Divorce

While there are plenty of examples of peaceful divorces, there is a reason that divorce is often described using terms like “war” and “bitter.” Family law disputes often feel highly personal, and that can lead to significant conflict between divorcing spouses.

If you are about to go through a divorce and expect that it will be highly contentious, it is important to work with an attorney who is ready to fight for your interests while also keeping a level head about legal and practical realities. In Tacoma and surrounding areas of Washington, look no further than Schroader Law. Attorney Schroader has 10 years legal experience, much of which has been spent in the courtroom. He will seek civil and negotiated resolutions when possible, but is always ready to go to battle as your warrior.

Which Factors Are Likely To Cause High Conflict In A Divorce?

High-conflict divorces often include one or more of the following factors related to one or both spouses:

  • Significant levels of blame and a desire for revenge
  • Drug/alcohol abuse and addiction issues
  • A history of infidelity and other secrets (like secret spending)
  • Unwillingness or inability to compromise, no matter how small the issue
  • Narcissism and manipulative behavior
  • Attempts to undermine the other parent or alienate the children from the other parent
  • Refusal or repeated failure to make child support payments
  • Putting children in the middle of parental conflict
  • A history of violence or false allegations of violence
  • Framing the divorce in terms of winning and losing rather than as a necessary process to be completed

It is very common for divorcing spouses to dislike each other and to be critical of each other’s perceived faults. But the behaviors and factors listed above go beyond that. They are often strong indications that court intervention and other outside professionals may be required to complete the divorce and child custody proceedings.

Addressing A History Of Domestic Violence Or Allegations

Under normal circumstances, negotiation is often the quickest, cheapest and most effective way for divorcing spouses to resolve their differences. Among couples with a history of domestic abuse, however, there is a power imbalance that makes negotiation impossible. The case will almost certainly need to be litigated. If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, our lawyer will be your warriors and your advocates, and we will ensure that a judge duly considers your spouse’s past behaviors when awarding child custody and making other rulings.

Conversely, there are some who will make false accusations of domestic violence against their spouse simply to gain an advantage in the divorce or custody case. This is highly manipulative and destructive behavior that harms both the other spouse and the children. If you were a victim of false allegations, our legal team will do everything in their power to contest the allegations and expose them as false. They will then litigate aggressively to ensure that your interests and the well-being of your children are protected.

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