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Violence is an issue for many men in a divorce

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Divorce

Any number of issues are relevant to a breakup in a marriage. Some Washington couples decide to go their separate ways, simply because they have drifted apart after many years together or because they have irreconcilable differences. In other cases, however, domestic violence is a key factor in divorce, and men are often the victims.

If you have been struggling in a marriage as a man who has fallen victim to domestic violence, the top priority is for you to be safe. You are not alone in your suffering, as domestic violence against men is a lot more prolific than many people might realize.

Male victims of domestic violence often have backgrounds in common

Studies show that men who have suffered from domestic violence from a spouse or a non-married partner often have come from a background where they suffered similar abuse as a child. In fact, anywhere from 10% to 40% of male victims of domestic violence say they were mentally, physically or sexually abused in their youth.

Domestic violence injuries affect more than physical health

If you are dealing with abuse from a spouse whom you are supposed to be able to trust to love and care for you, physical damages might only be part of the whole picture. As a victim of domestic violence, you might also suffer severe emotional trauma. It is not uncommon for people in similar situations to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You might also experience depression or high levels of anxiety, to the point that you have difficulty functioning in your daily life. Nightmares, fearfulness and a general feeling of unrest are also implications that may surface because of domestic violence. It is always a good idea to seek outside support to help you be safe and to aid you in recovery.

Addressing these issues as part of a divorce

If you are one of many men in Washington who are filing for divorce this year, the issues regarding domestic violence against you will no doubt be up for discussion in court. Especially if law enforcement has been involved in your case, details regarding such incidents are something a family court judge would want to know and may affect your settlement.

If you also happen to be a parent who is concerned for the safety and well-being of his children, the issue of spousal abuse may be relevant to your child custody proceedings, as well. Even if you do not believe that your spouse has physically abused your children, the violence committed against you may have taken a severe emotional toll on them. The judge overseeing your case will make decisions with your safety and your children’s well-being in mind.