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A car accident can cause these brain injury symptoms

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Brain Injury

The only thing you have complete control over when you’re driving on a Washington highway is your own choices and behavior behind the wheel. You can’t control the weather, road conditions or the actions of other drivers. If a driver is reckless or dealing with a distraction, you might get hit. If the impact occurs at a high rate of speed, your head might hit a hard surface inside the car or be shaken violently, either of which may result in a brain injury.

If you’re knocked unconscious, rescuers will know that you are a brain injury patient and will transport you as quickly as possible to the nearest trauma center. However, symptoms aren’t always immediately apparent, and hours or days may pass before you realize the extent of your injuries. That’s why it’s imperative to keep a close watch for developing symptoms and to seek medical attention if you suspect brain trauma.

These symptoms often accompany traumatic brain injury

Severe head pain or facial/jaw pain is a common symptom of brain injury. You might also experience one or more of the issues included in the following list:

  • One pupil is larger than the other in your eyes.
  • You’re struggling to communicate, either because of slurred speech, difficulty remembering words or not understanding how to have a conversation.
  • You feel confused and do not recognize people you are supposed to know.
  • There is blood or clear fluid leaking from your nose or ear.
  • You feel depressed or suicidal.
  • You have an unstable gait when you walk.

There are numerous other symptoms that suggest a person has suffered a brain injury as well. If you experience any of the symptoms in this list or a symptom that wasn’t present in the immediate aftermath of the collision, it’s best to seek medical support so that the doctors can run tests to check for bleeding or swelling on the brain or a skull fracture.

Weeks of quiet and calmness are critical to recovery

If a doctor diagnoses you with a brain injury following a Washington motor vehicle accident, you’ll likely need to take time off work and spend lots of time in a quiet, darkened room. In some cases, such as if you have a skull fracture, you might require a hospital stay or to undergo surgery. Extensive medical care often sparks financial distress.

State law allows those who have suffered traumatic brain injury (or any other injury) in a motor vehicle collision to seek financial recovery for their losses by filing a legal claim in civil court. A favorable ruling leads to compensation that can help cover medical bills and other costs associated with the incident for which the court has determined the defendant liable.