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Capturing crucial evidence: 6 photographs to take at the scene of a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

If you find yourself in a car accident, your immediate concerns are typically the safety of everyone involved and the condition of your vehicle. Once you’ve ensured that everyone is safe and medical needs are addressed, though, you should take comprehensive photographs at the scene if you can. What pictures should you take?

The accident scene

Capture wide shots from various angles to give a complete view of the accident scene. Photographs of details like the vehicle positions and skid marks can give a fuller picture of what happened during the accident. This helps in understanding the layout and can be critical in determining fault.

The damage to the vehicles

Close-up photos of the damage to all vehicles involved are crucial. Be sure to take pictures from different angles and focus on the details of the impact. These images can help in assessing the severity of the collision and can correlate the damage to the dynamics of the crash.

Identification for both drivers and vehicles

Photograph the license plates of all vehicles involved. This serves as proof of the vehicles present and can help in the identification process. Additionally, if it’s possible and safe to do so, take pictures of insurance cards and driver’s licenses.

The conditions at the scene

Document the road conditions that could have contributed to the accident. This includes potholes, lack of signage, wet or icy surfaces and any debris that might have played a role in the accident. You should also document the environmental conditions at the time of the accident such as lighting, weather and any other relevant environmental factors.

Signage in the area

Take clear photos of any traffic signs, signals or road markings near the accident scene. This can be essential in determining whether either driver contributed to the accident by violating traffic laws. Photographing nearby street signs can also record the location of the accident.


If there are visible injuries, and it is appropriate to do so, take photographs. However, always ensure that you have the consent of the injured parties before doing so. These images can be quite powerful in personal injury claims.

Photographs can serve as compelling evidence in car accident claims, providing clear facts and supporting your account of the events. The images you capture can not only help in insurance claims but can also be crucial in legal contexts, should the need arise.