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The qualities that make a great field general are the same qualities that make a great attorney. Like great field generals, great attorneys must understand their opponent, anticipate their opponent’s strategy and have capability to pivot instantly in the ever-changing conditions of the courtroom. They must exhibit strong character, inspire confidence in their ability to lead and demonstrate that leadership in the courtroom. As an Air Force veteran, Dennis Schroader understands and embodies all these qualities. By leveraging his time in the military with his legal experience, he is positioned to guide you through the legal process with a strong plan of attack.

What Our Clients Say

“Professional, honest and a real person!!"

I hired him shortly after talking to him about my case, my case was a little out there do to how long the case had already been on calendar and the finances I had to work with, but never the less he was always upfront positive and got me exactly what I asked for in the long run!!! I would recommend him to a family or a friend if they ever needed legal help!!! He as a lawyer is a professional and very good at his job exactly what you would want or expect out of anyone in their field to be if hired by yourself to do the job right for you!!!!!!


"Diligent Effective Advocate"

My adult son was facing a life sentence on a three-strike case for a charge that did not fit the crime. After a consultation. we felt he would be the attorney you would want on your side and he proved that to be true. During the pretrial stage of a case, it can be the most stressful because of the waiting and wondering. During this very difficult time, Dennis had very good communication with our son and our family. We knew he was working diligently, and he was always realistic about the possible outcomes. Although he was willing to take this case to trial, my son decided to waive that right because Dennis negotiated a fair resolution to a difficult case. Our family is soon to be reunified. I would highly recommend Mr. Schroader!


A Law Firm Built On Integrity, Responsiveness And A Strong Work Ethic

Dennis Schroader is known for his professionalism, his tenacity and his commitment to his clients. He is a highly effective communicator who excels at making complicated legal situations easy to understand. Whether you are facing criminal charges, were pulled over for a DUI or in the midst of divorce proceedings, Dennis will take the time to explain the legal aspects of your situation to you. He uses innovative strategies to help clients achieve their goals. His demonstrated ability to meet the needs of his clients has made him a sought-after attorney in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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